Get Creative with Acrylic Blanks: Top 10 Ideas to Craft Beautiful Decor and Gifts!

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Acrylic shapes are a versatile crafting material that can be used to create a wide range of beautiful and unique projects for yourself or your small business. With their clear and colorful designs, acrylic blanks can add a touch of creativity to any crafters project. Here are 10 craft ideas using acrylic blanks that you can try today:

  1. Acrylic Jewelry: Acrylic shapes can be used to create beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Simply add jump rings and earring hooks, then decorate with vinyl or sublimation for a personalised touch. Alternativley glue to earing studs and package on your own card.

    Acrylic Earing Blanks for Crafters

  2. Cake Toppers: Add a touch of creativity to your customers next celebration with acrylic cake toppers. Use a variety of shapes and colors to create a customised topper that fits your party theme, then add a vinyl or sublimation designs to make it extra special. 

    Cake Topper Blanks for Crafters

  3. Wall Art: Use acrylic shapes to create a beautiful and unique piece of wall art. Arrange the shapes in a pattern or design and attach them inside a box frame or on to a canvas or wooden board, then add vinyl or sublimation designs to create a personalised piece. You can always contact Central Scotland Customs for personalised shapes and designs.

  4. Christmas Baubles: Acrylic blanks can be turned into beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments. Add glitter, paint, or other decorations, then use vinyl or sublimation to add names, dates, or special messages which your customers will adore.

  5. House Signs: Use acrylic house plaque blanks and standoffs to create beautiful and unique house signs. House numbers or names can be added with vinyl or sublimation to create a longlasting, modern house sign.

  6. Acrylic Wedding Plaques: Create beautiful, modern and personalised table number or name plaques for any wedding reception using acrylic shapes by adding paint, vinyl or by sublimating. Compliment these with a A1 Acrylic Plaque with the seating plan vinyled on and present on a classic easel.

    Acrylic Heart with Stand

  7. Seasonal Gifts: Create seasonal gifts for your loved ones and customers using acrylic blanks. Decorate them with vinyl or sublimation designs, add some ribbon or string, and they're ready to go! Some great ideas for seasonal gifts include tree decorations, wine glass charms, personalised gift tags and easter plaques.

  8. Bookmarks: Create a range of beautiful bookmarks using acrylic shapes. Add a tassel or ribbon for a decorative touch, then decorate with vinyl or sublimation designs to create a personalised bookmark for those book lovers.

    Acrylic Bookmark Shapes and Blanks

  9. Coasters: Use acrylic shapes to create beautiful and functional coasters, forget the standard and mix it up using heart shapes, hexagons and circles or any other shape you can think of. Glue the shapes to cork or felt backing to protect your customers surfaces, then add vinyl or sublimation designs to create a personalised set.

  10. Keychains: Create a unique keychain using acrylic shapes, like hearts, circles or arch shapes. Add a jump ring and attach to a keyring for a personalised touch, then decorate with vinyl or sublimation designs.

In conclusion, acrylic shapes can be used in a variety of crafting projects to create unique and beautiful pieces. By incorporating vinyl or sublimation, you can add a personalised touch to your projects and make them truly one-of-a-kind. If you're interested in selling your finished products, acrylic shapes offer a great opportunity to create profitable and unique items. So, pick up some acrylic shapes today and let your creativity flow!

Central Scotland Customs offer a variety of Acrylic shapes and blanks for your crafting needs, but if there is anything you cannot find, please do contact us via the contact form, or via Facebook and we will do our best to create it.

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